The idea of online casting courses.

I have been really think for a while now about the idea of online Spey casting courses. For all skill levels of course. I would love to hear some feed back as to what all of you think. Would it help? Would it be used? If you think this is something that needs to be or I should do, let me know. I will listen to any and all info, thanks


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  1. Tim Rawlins
    Tim Rawlins says:

    Hey Travis, I think its a good idea. I have tinkered with the idea a bit myself. I seriously think you should consider a Patreon membership site where you share instruction as one of the perks, I think it would be a great addition to your business. Some people, and when I say people, I mean men, are kind of shy about having their casting showcased in a video so it might have to be pretty private that way, and it might be doubly humbling to display their casting to a world champion, at least in the online space but that is just my guess from experimenting with the idea myself.
    If you do decide to go forward with it I would love to come video you on the river and feature you and your Idea on my youtube channel to help spread the word. Good luck going forward. I say do it. Start today.

  2. Christopher Thompson
    Christopher Thompson says:

    The trick is how you handle interaction with the students. Doing something where you post video to watch and then host a live Q&A session might work. Students could send in video for you to watch and comment on or post it so the whole class could see and learn from. Most of the time I have taken casting classes it has been the interaction with the instructor that has been appealing. Reproducing that will be tough. It’s an interesting idea.


  3. Jon Calivas
    Jon Calivas says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me . Some kind of video analysis would be awesome . One thing I could imagine right off the bat without giving it too much thought is : being able to send you a short video of oneself casting . Have it analyzed, then be given some kind of weekly “homework” assignment . Instructional video are good , but not the same as having an expert 20’ back trouble shooting . Not sure if you have used Hudl app for coaching, I haven’t used it but some of the instructors at ggacc use it . Might be a good way to meet students where they are a on their Spey casting journey. I for one would be interested.

  4. Ron Lauzon
    Ron Lauzon says:

    Travis: I don’t usually look @ Facebook, but found you posted this about on-line spey casting course.
    If you want to e-mail me we could set up a time when we could talk on the phone about this, I have some thoughts and ideas to share w/ you that you might want to consider in persuing this. I know you haven’t been able to guide because of the Covid 19, so this on-line course would provide an additional source of income and exposure for you, other than your book sales.
    I am no longer guiding or instructing on the water. My land line-home phone is: 503-622-3634, no cell phone. Take Care, Ron Lauzon, “A FISHER OF MEN” (all people)

  5. Michael Stark
    Michael Stark says:

    I find there is already a lot of online material. It is hard to replace the instructors eye picking out the errors the caster is making. If you looked at digital golfing instruction with lots of visualization of the stroke, and motion, application of power and finesse… this would be critical. I would buy if it included me as the student recording myself to get your feedback for making adjustments. A way to do this live even say via face-time would make it even more valuable and effective.

  6. Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez says:

    Absolutely would help!
    As an avid fly fisherman I believe that theres NOT enough emphasis put into teaching anglers different types of casts, when N why to use them. This is with the understanding that a guide does Not generally have the time to do so. I also think that a simple review of gear would be helpful ie; what types of spey lines, T-tips, MOW tips, leader lengths for specific water.
    And doing clinics down into the Sacramento area of Ca. would be 👍 too!


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