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The ODWF must be F’N crazy

The 2012 Fishing regulations are out. The Sandy river Basin seems to have some new rules that are a bit odd and from a conservation stand point  flat out a slap in the face. It seems starting January 1st of the new year Killing of all steelhead up into the spawning grounds is going to be allowed. Now I know that the Native Fish Society has contacted the ODFW about New regs. The response was “That was a misprint” but since have not sent out a retraction nor changed the online regs.

Sandy River (Multnomah/Clack. Co.):

1. Mainstem and tributaries upstream

to ODFW markers at the mouth of

Salmon River

• Open for adipose fin-clipped steelhead entire year.

• Open for adipose fin-clipped Chinook salmon Feb. 1-Oct. 31.

• Open for adipose fin-clipped coho salmon entire year.

• Closed within 200 feet of Chinook salmon spawning areas located in Oxbow Park

where posted by ODFW markers Sept. 16-Nov. 15.

• No angling from a floating device upstream from a point that is 200 feet below the

Oxbow Park boat ramp.

• Use of bait allowed.

2. Mainstem and tributaries upstream

from ODFW markers at the mouth of

Salmon River, including the Salmon


• Open for adipose fin-clipped steelhead and non-adipose fin-clipped steelhead harvest

the entire year.

• Angling restricted to artificial flies and lures with a single point hook no larger than 1/2

inch gap (size 1) and multiple point hook no larger than 3/8 inch gap (size 4).

• No limit on size or number of brook trout taken. Catch limits on other trout species do

not apply to brook trout.

Santiam River (Marion Co.):

1. Mainstem

• Open for adipose fin-clipped steelhead

So if you are worried about wild Steedhead then let the ODFW know that these types of actions won’t be tolerated. I think it is to get back at the NFS about the lawsuit they slapped them with last year. That just me and I might just be reading into it but it seems to be odd none the less.

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