Time to Get Very Serious, 18′ of Serious.

If your going to get serious, get the good stuff. Carron

Yesterday I finally dusted off my 18 footer. Standing wadered up on the edge of my casting pond I wondered once put together how the massive hunk of graphite might feel in my hands… Just what I thought soft, slow, and cumbersome. The rod much slower than it’s 15 foot counter parts. Basically both rods take the same weight line to load, but one has a shit ton more power.

Stringing the rod seemed to take forever. The guides never stopped coming. Beings that I had not built a line yet for casting off a dock I just used an old Carron line from my 15 footer at about 75 feet. I knew that the line would turn over way to fast and not carry near as far but I need to get out. I needed to feel the rod bending in my hand. The CLA game fair only 8 weeks out. The need for practice is now and it is about time to put the tiny 15 footer away. The 18 footer is my new animal. I am going to spend the next 2 months with that in both hands.

The major difference in the 18 foot rod is the power it will produce. At the same time controlling a line in the 90 to 100 foot mark is something only the best casters can do. The simple fact is the longer the rod and line get, the smoother and slower you must go. Being deliberate and slow is key. Never letting slack in the line ever form lift to forward cast. The rule of lead before speed becoming increasingly evident and important. SLOW never meaning more than when you have an 18′ tube of graphite in your hands. All the basic rules of casting just over emphasized.

The last thing about becoming a distance caster is you have to have the best stuff money buy. I know what your thinking that I am just trying to sell product. The truth is I don’t own a fly shop nor do I rep any type of fishing equipment, so what do I care what type of rods and lines you cast. I don’t. But if you want improvement it starts with change not by chance. The best equipment you can afford it will make your learning curve shorter, you will also learn better casting technique. In the end the money spent on great stuff will never be a bad move on your part, just a smart one. Wish me luck as I get ready for the big time.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It was great to meet you George. I am glad to hear about the fly fishing. Thats the only way to get better at it. I hope to see you down there again soon.

  2. George Permiakov
    George Permiakov says:

    Hey Travis,
    I’m the young fellow you chatted with while you were casting. Nice blog! I subbed. Thanks for the advice on fly fishing. I think I’m gonna put the spinning rod down for a little and just fling flys.


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