Well it has been fun!!!

Well my time here in Italy is quickly coming to an end.  Time always seems to go way to fast,  and with all the great food and wine it goes even faster.  It is funny the thing that they will let you take pictures of.  If it something famous or beautiful there always seem to be a sign or person tell you no to pictures,  that was kinda weird.  If you come I hope you like cafe, or espresso or any other coffee drink you can think of because it is everywhere.  The only people that I saw fishing were at the beach and they had their own style for sure.  Here are some of the pictures I took on the trip hope you like them….   I took quite a few photos of door knockers lions and faces mainly.  I took about 1200 pictures sorry I cant put them all on here.

Nice stream in the mountains of Tuscany.  There just has to be some fish in there.
The Arno river, flowing right through Pisa.
The faces are always so hard!!!
The knocker are everywhere but some are just better than others
I did not know lion were so popular.
I saw this in Florance, it made me laugh.
Food like this is everywhere.
This one was huge.
Classic Tuscan sun set, does not get any better.
Could this be the devil himself.
This guy had his own way to fish and was taking care of biz.
The leaning tower and the child statue in the fore ground.  This place is freaking awsome.
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