Sandy still has a few around…With stone flies around the corner!!

Rich color of a healthy Deschute Redside!!!

All the “HOT” ones find a way out to the middle and down river.

Just have to be in the correct habbitat.

Fresh Chromer on the Sandy….And Chinook on the way.

Well it is now the time of year where you can go fishing for just about any fish the state has to offer. we are Maybe 10 days out from the beginging of the Big Bug Hatch…. Just a guess but a good one if you were wondering. Hope everyone is getting out fishing, if not shoot me an email and we will fix that!! 

Thank you Russian River Fly Fishers

Good people and good fun!!

Last week I had the privilege of going back to sunny California. I was invited back down by the Russian River Fly Fishers, seems to be a great fly club to well organized and tight knit. I gave a great presentation on Spey casting may have been a little longer than expected but still was told by a few of the members that I was one of the best speakers that they had ever had. That’s a great feeling!!
I had a great time and found it very fulfilling I would love to do more of these types of events. If there is anybody out there that would like to have me speak at their fly club shoot me an email. On a better note the big bugs are being eaten by trout on the Deschutes at least all the way to South Junction. Come on in the shop and get what you need. It is better to make the news than to wait to hear it.