Up Coming Events and Programs

Kicking ass in 2018!!!

Hope everyone is getting out fishing and at least improving their Spey casting. I want to hint at some upcoming things for 2018.

Spey days 2018!!! Can’t wait to see you all.

The Dates of April 6-8 I will be in the Vancouver BC area giving Spey casting classes and a presentation at the Annual Spey Days event hosted by Michael & Young’s fly shop. I always look forward to this event and the people I get to see again and the new ones I meet.

The Intermediate/advanced Spey camps, are going to be some of the best on information and progression of modern Spey casting technique.

I am personally very excited to offer this next event. I have put together an intermediate/advance Spey camp this July. Only 5 students will be during the camp and first come first serve is how the signup will work. The accommodations will be lodge catered dinners and daily steelhead fishing and on river instruction. More details and price to come. The dates will be July 26-28. Don’t be afraid to shoot us an email here to get more info or sign up.

Winter Steelheading is never easy, but sometimes it all comes together. Other time a good guide will help to not only make you better but show you what else is available in the world of Spey casting!!

Keep checking in because more good blogs to come as well and casting tips articles in Swing The Fly magazine. As well as cool stuff coming to the All Waters Angling YouTube channel. Let’s get you on the water!!

The color of hope…

The ly up fine cant really drop too far. only up from here!!

Well to be honest, all we may have is hope this year. Wont stop me from fishing!!! By the way the color is red, lol

As the season pushes on…

The smile tells the entire story!

The smile tells the entire story!

Big buck in full colors, what a stud!!

Big buck in full colors, what a stud!!

On the brink of one of the oddest elections in our nations history, all I can do is turn to fly fishing. Like a new season brought forth with excitement, and change, Also come uncertainty. The last couple of seasons on the Deschutes have been tough to say the least. A number of reasons and theories and wild ass guesses I have had bend my ear. The truth is not a single one of us knows why or what to do about it. Pontificating ideas that pushes no course of action seems to be what we do best, as anglers. The only other thing I know is that if you don’t fish your odds of getting any just went to zero.

Caleb helping to put a big wild fish to the beach.

Caleb helping to put a big wild fish to the beach.

Bright fish on a bright day!

Bright fish on a bright day!

Chase the steelhead they have seen hard times before I am sure. I once heard a wise angler say that he was amazed we even had the opportunity to fish for steelhead after the way we treated our resources in the past. I will continue to push forward swinging flies no matter how tough it gets and I suggest a few of you come along with me. We may all learn a few thing, have a few laughs, and yes we may even catch a couple steelhead, lol.

Not everything below the surface is a steelhead...

Not everything below the surface is a steelhead…

Our Winter Steelhead trips are starting to book and the 2017 calendar is open. Lets get you all back out on the water in 2017 for more great times and stories. hope to hear from you soon. I hope to have new information about the film project ASAP. thanks for your patients on this it has been a massive and expensive undertaking>