• The wild life of a guy that lives for steelhead & spey casting •

Big fly theory

Their are so my ideas in the subject of fly selection for the pastime of chasing steelhead. And I am going to say right now that I don’t have all the answers I just go fishing a lot. So the theories I am about to present are strictly observation. I have run these ideas by […]

A great phrase for the true WINTER steelheader

When I get stuck somewhere or sometimes and can’t escape. I often read something on the subject that helps my mind keep it peace. The simple mention of winter steelhead to some people make them instantly cold, to others it gives goose bumps of another kind. When in pursuit of a not only the most […]

Even the little ones have their place

Today I was out on the river with everyone else it seemed. The rising river and hostile weather could not keep me off the river. Since all the fish I had laid hands on this year seemed on the large size. It came as a real reality check when in the same piece of water […]

The river rewards the diligent

I cant never say it to many times. I guide hundereds of people a year for trout and steelhead. Each one always asking how to improve their time on the water. I am always ready to help in any way I can, the thing is most of these people are just rusty or have stepped […]

The Sandy is ready for you.

Wanted to let those who are interested in fishing the Sandy with me this year know, I am ready and so are the winter steelhead. Here is one of the two fish I hooked yesterday, enjoy.While looking at the photo put yourself there and …. Do you feel that the electricity that builds from the […]