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Even the little ones have their place

Today I was out on the river with everyone else it seemed. The rising river and hostile weather could not keep me off the river. Since all the fish I had laid hands on this year seemed on the large size. It came as a real reality check when in the same piece of water […]

The river rewards the diligent

I cant never say it to many times. I guide hundereds of people a year for trout and steelhead. Each one always asking how to improve their time on the water. I am always ready to help in any way I can, the thing is most of these people are just rusty or have stepped […]

The Sandy is ready for you.

Wanted to let those who are interested in fishing the Sandy with me this year know, I am ready and so are the winter steelhead. Here is one of the two fish I hooked yesterday, enjoy.While looking at the photo put yourself there and …. Do you feel that the electricity that builds from the […]

Flash or no Flash, that’s the question

Now for those who know me, or have been out on guide trips. You know that I usually follow a more traditional approach with my fly selection. With an open mind I looked at some of the rules I like to follow in my ever going quest for the elusive winter steelhead. The rule that […]

First Look at the River

I would just like to report on the status of the Sandy river. After just coming off the water i would like to say that the river was in great shape. The flow was a bit high but what can you do that’s what brings in the fish. All the runs that I had a […]