• The wild life of a guy that lives for steelhead & spey casting •

The Other Hand in Spey Casting

Frozen, snowed in and off my first Trade show of the season in Boise. I settle back into the chair in front of my computer, getting ready to talk more about the wonderful journey of Spey casting. So much is in a name, as from the words of Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name […]

The Same Old Questions

Winter has gripped my house and surround area, leaving me to do fun stuff like dig out boats and paper work. I have also been doing a fair amount of reading. I love golf another esoteric invention of Scottish origin, imagine that. I will also say more has been written about golf than will ever […]

Looking Forward to 2017!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to an exciting fishing filled 2017!! After being away from life for the past 17 days I am ready to get back at it!!! There are still some openings in all the up coming months but space is getting tight, if you are […]

The Sound of Silence….. or really quiet any way

I sometimes teach a bit of Spey casting technique, sometimes. I watch a lot of Spey casting. I also hear a lot of spey casting. The sounds produced by spey casts can and often tell me what the problem or casting situation might be. On the other hand a well performed cast makes the sweetest […]

The Binary Language of Steelhead Fly Fishing

Steelhead, oh Steelhead….What a crazy fish. Might drive a person crazy, I know I already am. For the past two years thing is the Steelhead world have been a bit tough. Sometimes it has seemed luck was the only real way to find any success. Of course having fewer fish does not help, but there […]