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Trout fishing is just about to get GOOD. Plus upcoming classes

The Stone fly hatch is slowly coming to and end and even will the ever diminishing number of big bugs the fishing will become more consistent. These hunger Redsides have developed a huge appetite but with the large calorie items in short reserve, caddis and mayflies will become the more favored fodder. Many caddis sizes […]

Been too long, but a lot has happened.

Well I have little excuse for the long space between posts and it wont happen like this again. To start I will say the winter season was awesome for the best winter i have ever had. Thanks to all who floated and fished will myself and Caleb. We hope to make next year better for […]

Looking Forward to 2016

  Just like that 2015 is basically gone. In the blink of an eye the seasons have come full circle and we stand at the brink of a new year. Many thing have happened in my life of the past year and I am looking forward to seeing what the next year has to offer […]

I hope everyone had a great holiday.

It is that special time of year, where families gather, and time spent watching crappy TV and eating to much could be fill with hours of casting for steelhead. That rite if your going to be bored you may as well be cold and tired too. The truth is that this time of year can […]

Stable rivers make Steelhead happy!

Well it feels good to back pursuing steelhead on my home water, with a double handed rod lightly pressed in the grasp of my hands. I really feel at home doing these things. After a week of chasing reds in 85-90 degree afir temps and near 80 degree water temps i am back to normal. […]