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The Binary Language of Steelhead Fly Fishing

Steelhead, oh Steelhead….What a crazy fish. Might drive a person crazy, I know I already am. For the past two years thing is the Steelhead world have been a bit tough. Sometimes it has seemed luck was the only real way to find any success. Of course having fewer fish does not help, but there […]

As the season pushes on…

On the brink of one of the oddest elections in our nations history, all I can do is turn to fly fishing. Like a new season brought forth with excitement, and change, Also come uncertainty. The last couple of seasons on the Deschutes have been tough to say the least. A number of reasons and […]

Tough Seasons Make Success Sooo Much Sweeter

  We have all seen the low numbers of steelhead this season. The ones you will encounter will be better and those brought to hand so much sweeter. The fish around are a bit bigger, just further between. Remember to wear you hat and smile right, and maybe a touch of luck. Get out and […]

The coolest fly tier I know

Now I think it is about time to do some blog posts on some of the folks in this wild world of steelheading I find interesting. Now I am not sure how many of you have ever heard of David Nelson, so listen up. He and his strikingly elegant flies are some of the most […]

Mid July and Summer Steelhead are just around the corner

Well here it is now almost mid July. Only days from full blown steelhead season. It has been on my mind and a few other folks as well. If you have not made your plans to fish the Deschutes this Fall with AWA, better shoot us an email. Space is limited as it is and […]