In Honor of a Good Man

John Hagan, wise, honest, and a true gentlemen.

Those of you in the Northwest had met John Hagan or been in the Shop Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters. John died on the 18th of this month, a big loss in the northwest fishing community. I was never treated more fairly or with more respect as I was by he and his son Jack. John gave me more relevant fishing info ans spent lots of real time getting me what i actually needed. I dirtied the grip on more rods than I even bought from him. He was a wrestler, so we got along great. I purchased my first Sage rod from him, a 590-3 SP he must have watched me cast it for 30 hours before i had the money to pay for it. He helped me set up my first trip to BC. He sold me my first Spey Rod. John was a good man. The world seems to be running low on good people, so I would like to remember him and thank him late I know but  never forgotten. Rest well my friend and catch many trout in the big river in the sky. 

The Summer Steelhead around the Deschutes are HOT!!!

Sweet fish!!! Big splash!!Well there is no secret there are fish in the Deschutes River. I have been finding the on a regular basis, not saying it is easy. I will say that those who were jaded by 2009 are in for REAL Steelhead fishing for the next few yeas to come. Those who are willing to work for that one fish a day will make it through. As far as the flies… Outlaws and Berry’s M.I.L.F’s are what I have tied on. So that’s what they have been eating. All on floating lines, sink tips seems like work I don’t want to deal with, especially when I have seen 40 to the beach on full floating lines and or Skated flies. Now Go FISHING.


Well I am back from NY!!!

Class Spey Casting event!

I have been gone for the last 10 days in the Big Apple. I can say that our East coast Spey casting brothers are just as hungry for good casts and hard grabs as we out here are! The Spey Nation is a great event and all the people I met were as nice and ready to learn as much Spey casting as they could get in.

Presentation were great and if you were a enthusiast of Spey casting on the East coast you should have been there. My classes filled up quickly, but I am trying to put something together with Patrick Ross for November is any one has interest shoot me an email.
Beautiful July Chromer
Now lets talk turkey… The start of Summer Steelhead is upon us and I am ready if you are. Most of my dates are booked but have some openings here and there. I have a feeling that a few fish are waiting for me in the next couple of weeks so keep watching for updates!
They dont get much brighter.

Now is the time to get all your flies and gear ready to go. New leaders, tippet and check your reels and running lines. Wax your ferrules, organize your boxes and fish skaters! Low water can produce good skater fishing. Day I have openings August 28, 29 September 4,6 and October 18, 30 , 31. Hope to hear from you guy and gals soon.