Thank you Russian River Fly Fishers

Good people and good fun!!

Last week I had the privilege of going back to sunny California. I was invited back down by the Russian River Fly Fishers, seems to be a great fly club to well organized and tight knit. I gave a great presentation on Spey casting may have been a little longer than expected but still was told by a few of the members that I was one of the best speakers that they had ever had. That’s a great feeling!!
I had a great time and found it very fulfilling I would love to do more of these types of events. If there is anybody out there that would like to have me speak at their fly club shoot me an email. On a better note the big bugs are being eaten by trout on the Deschutes at least all the way to South Junction. Come on in the shop and get what you need. It is better to make the news than to wait to hear it.

There is NO place like it!

Great crowd and good people!!

Arriving to the ponds always seems to bring a sense of excitement and wonder. the warm California air and sun shinning down on the ponds already at 7:30am. The quiet whisper of the eucalyptus meeting the soft morning ocean air just adds to the geographic wonder and experience of the Golden Gate Ponds.  The greenish-blue color of the ponds makes even the water there seem magical. In this place time stands still and worldly matters seem to vanish, only fly casting hold validity here.

A Club we should all support

Pulling your waders and rigging your rod it hits you. All the people that have cast and been apart of the spot you are standing on. World Champions, and World record made and broken. The birth place of some of the most influential ideas in our sport. It has as much fame in the fly fishing world as any of the most fabled rivers of our time.

So many flags
So many Great Casters!!!
Every May, at the Golden Gates Casting ponds. Gather the worlds best two handed fly casters. Now not only to add to the ambiance of a place seated in fly fishing greatness, you add the best Spey casters know to man. This is what the SOR(Spey-O-Rama) is all about!! For people that have never been or just watch from a far. I am sure it does not seem to have have any connection to fishing or the future of the sport of Spey fishing. I am going to tell you that for the people that over the years i have told to go watch or even to compete, it has changed their live and the perceptions of the application of what they thought was even possible with a two-handed rod.

Caster Left side Right single

              Left Snake, Left Single,  Right Snake,  Right Single, Total , Longest Cast

Gerard Downey 178 148 176 184 686 184

Geir Hansen 140 168 153 191 652 191

Ruairi Costello 163 136 170  181  650 181

James Chalmers 158 174 162 156 650 174

Travis Johnson 171 152 156 160 639 171

Gregory Bencivenga 146 155 172 158 631 172

Tommy Aarkvisla 149 154 168 149 620 168

Sergey Kluev 149 147 163 152 611 163

Brian Styskal 170 149 151 126 596 170

Shinobu Inoue 133 161 149 144 587 161

Simon Hsie 152 167 158 477 167

Every year I make this same pilgrimage to stand a cast with the worlds best Spey casters. Test myself to some extent, but more for the feeling I get when I get to cast in the ponds. Standing in the spot buoys out and ready, nothing I have ever done with Spey casting compares. That’s when I know I am alive. Every year history is made in those ponds and 2013 was no different. The place was wild with memorable moments. World records broken that right more than once, new high scores set and I feel there is more in the tank!!! We have further to go, I will do my part to make what ever contribution I can to push the envelope but what I ask is so does everyone else who wants the sport to grow. Maybe you compete, maybe you can come down take one of the offered clinics, or maybe just become a member of the GGACC. Donate something to the auction. Giving something to this event will come back in Spades with your fishing or casting or both. The things gained from this are advancement in lines and better cleaner teaching techniques.

Keep your eyes open for this!!!

Ask anyone of the competitors and you will hear the same thing I am telling you now. Ask any of the spectators and you will understand better what watching the best Spey casters in the World is like. I see the same faces year after year, but this year I was witness to a greater awareness of the SOR. New people and fresh faces and that leads to new competitors. Which in the end makes the competition better and the scores raise and pushed the next group to make better rods and lines, so that someday you can fish with the best product and smoothest line that any manufacture can make. Just like stock car racing, this is the driving force in how new things are designed.

The best Spey Caster any of us will ever know!!!

I would also like to introduce the greatest Spey caster known to man. Some of you know him other have heard of him. Gerard Downey is the greatest spey caster I or anybody else has ever of will ever see in my life time. The smoothest and most powerful caster out there. His passion for casting is only out shined by his modest and genuine domineer. He is quiet and helpful to anyone who asks. As a champion he is every bit as great as any other champion in any other sport. He has become not a target for other casters but the pinnacle of what spey casting can be. I know how much he as pushed and helped me. He is impressive to watch with his simple economy of motion style of casting and  appareled application of power that it seems almost hidden in the process. Somewhere in his style he produces unsurpassed line speed that would leave most NASCAR drivers in the dust.

Morning Casting Session.

I would also like to say thanks you and congratulate every single caster, man or women who entered that pond on game day. It takes courage to walk out on the the worlds stage and cast. I still feel the rush every time I wade out in the ponds. For you first times I also hope you can take away positive things from you time spent in San Fran. We all started somewhere in this game, it is where you end your time with this that counts. It is always the journey we are after. Hope to see more of you next year. PS Join the GGACC so they know we are here to support it!!! best 50 dollars you can spend right now to help get some things done. We all need this event to happen.

Travis Johnson

Winter is a Great time to fish for Steelhead

Nice wild hen…. I wont complain one bit!!

I have been hard at work! doing my best to connect my sports with my favorite fish. I got new work boots and have put them to the test. Here are the spoils of my days out……

Tommy’s first Chromer!!! get fish for a great guy.
First day Steelhead fishing, First Steelhead!
And second!!!
My Favorite winter rod…. and Fly.
FN Monster!!!!
A guides favortie sight.
Winter mornings are sometimes Awesome!!
Chromer Hen!!! Reel Screamer Too
On the job, smoke break!!


About to slide one in.
Sea Lice!
Chromer, and Wild.
When fishing is good, We are all happy.


Big Boy for Bill.