Differnet Rivers, Different Perspectives.

I must say that as Steelhead anglers we get caught up in a set way of doing things. Now don’t get wrong I have an opinion about everything to but if you change rivers, or change conditions should you also change?

Great way to start a trip!

I was recently on the Clearwater River in Idaho. The River is huge! Did the fish take different flies? No. Did we use any special casts? No. Did I change fishing tactics? Yes. With a name like the Clearwater you might think that the river was clear. It was basically unlimited visibility. So fish in that are in the river are going to see you fly. How are they going to react?? Nobody can say. I do know that the more water you can cover the better your odds of finding a fish. So I started taking 4 steps between each cast. On rivers like my home water of the Deschutes we would move at half that pace. There was the first change.

New rod worked out well, I would say.

I also love fishing Spey rod around that 13′ to 13.5′ range. To me it just feels comfortable in hand and it is no problem to fish all day. On the Clearwater the runs are long and wide. Fishing 5 or 6 runs a day would be a chore and with today’s short rods and scandi lines you cant cover all the water with very much efficiency at all. Now I am not saying you cant catch them on short rods and lines but I will say the further you can cast the more fish you will catch on the Clearwater, and the Snake for that matter. The uses of a rod in the 15 foot range is a better rod for the job on these rivers. I was consistantly fishing at 130 to 140 feet. With this in mind over the course of a day and a half I brought 5 fish to my fly landing 3 of them. The distance was the definite factor in the results, and Bruce Kurk (total Bad Ass).

Jet boats kick ass. Only way to go on big water.

Moral of the story is adapt to the rivers and what it takes to move those fish. The more rivers you fish the better angler you will ultimately become.
If your on the Clearwater and need any info or to buy some flies, or just want to meet a great guy go see Poppy at the Red Shed Fly Shop.

Well The season pushes on…

As we can all see this years Steelhead counts are low to average. I could lie and say that they were better but that’s just not the way it is. Are there fish HELL YEAH, might you have to work for them OH YEAH.
Years like this to me are great! they are great for the river, and great for the perspectives of true steelhead anglers. In the years with 600,000 Steelhead over Bonneville dam, any and everybody can be a Steelhead Fisherman. With the years we are having, only the hard and only the strong willed will survive. Also you might become a better caster out of the deal, LOL. I thought that was funny.

What a sweet wild hen, on a size 10.

Camp water can be as good as any other place.

Small Streetwalker, they don’t get any dirtier.

Here are some recent pictures just to keep your spirits up. Unlike unicorns they are there. Keep that line in the water!!