Finally… The Water is Clear.

Well the Deschutes is finally fish able from top to bottom. Took a while with the land slide and White river change in damn release…. What else can they do? I have been out lately and there are some happy fish in the river. Not very many but happy. I have been using light sink tips or even super fast poly leaders. flies have been small and a little flashy but not over the top you know. Keep away from runs with salmon in them. You wont get any steelhead and they should be left alone. Late in the year for them any way. they will all be gone in 2 weeks anyway.

Still some bright fish around!
One of the biggest fish I have seen lately!

Here are some photos of a few nice ones from the few weeks. Enjoy!!

I would catch this fish anyday!!! Into the backing and 6 jumps!!

Was a bit stunned to see this guy out. He must be cold.
He will never forget his fist west coast Steelhead.
The fly color should be an indicator.
Bright fish!
More pink.

They Do Exist… But the water has gone wild.

Nice one for Pat Hoglund Of the Salmon Steelhead Journal.

The Deschutes water levels have gone kinda wild. But this happens every year. On October 15 the irrigation is shut off and release back into the Deschutes river. On top of the fact we received our first rain storm in what seems like and eternity in the Cascades. We instantly got high water.

Year of the cat! Bob Cat. Photo By Pat Hoglund

Just remain clam and the river will slowly begin to fish and few but frisky fish in the river will be back on the bite. Here are a few pictures of some fish and other things I thought you might enjoy.


Chinook Jack. Sweet!!! Floating line.
Love the morning fog. Plus the hook up.
Sliding a Steelhead into hand.
Wild! Perfect! Beautiful!!
Chalk That one up on the tally board.

A near Miss….

Almost got the pic mid air.

Almost got the jump shot photo. Steelhead fishing continues to be tough on the Deschutes. I have been hearing of good fishing else where. I am thinking about going fishing myself so any news seemed good to me.
The North Umpqua has been putting out some fish. The Clearwater picked up a bunch in the last two weeks, and I have heard good reports about the lower Ronde. There are fish out there just have to been ready to bust your ass. Enjoy the photo.