It is time for these!!

September Caddis?? Lots of these around.

Yep, Skaters!!! Plenty of October Caddis around. We have great water temps for aggressive fish. Now we have come to the idea that there are not going to be a ton of fish what better way to take or even locate that one fish a day.

What a perfect picture. The best time to fish October caddis on the surface. Sunset.


The American Casting Association has become the future of American fly casting. I am not only a member but I am going to help support these guys as much as I can. We need a governing body here in America for the casting events.
After attending the World Championships, I saw first hand the dedication and organization of some of the other countries in the world. I have to say we are way behind. Thanks to Steve Rejeff for having any organization at all. As I am a Spey caster, I want to help these guys organize National Championships, and qualifying events for thing l;ike the World Championships.
I believe that even small events, if organized properly cant help us grow the sport as a country and will better prepare everyone for better and harder events. I have competed internationally now for the past couple of years we need this as inspired casters as a group (the distance spey casters) and as a country.
Here is a link. Take a look and join. It will benefit all of us.  Join the ACA.

Steelhead are Steelhead what ever river you fish them in.

I love chasing and catching steelhead or guiding people into their very first fish. I have always said a steelehad is a steelhead is a steelehad. Where ever you are when conditions are comparable the same strategies can be applied. Here are two great pictures. The Steelehad were caught in 2 different river litteraly contries apart, with the same result. Steelhead are awesome. Is it the fly or just the timing?? enjoy.
Cant argue with that!

My buddy Dracy,taking care of a Dean river flish with the Outlaw.