Sandy still has a few around…With stone flies around the corner!!

Rich color of a healthy Deschute Redside!!!

All the “HOT” ones find a way out to the middle and down river.

Just have to be in the correct habbitat.

Fresh Chromer on the Sandy….And Chinook on the way.

Well it is now the time of year where you can go fishing for just about any fish the state has to offer. we are Maybe 10 days out from the beginging of the Big Bug Hatch…. Just a guess but a good one if you were wondering. Hope everyone is getting out fishing, if not shoot me an email and we will fix that!! 

These Winter Steelhead Can Be FUN!!

I was able to get out…looks like I made the most of it.

Well sometimes you just have to fish, and sometimes you get them when you do!!!I was able to get out and find a fish or two. Get ready because more will come when the weather gets RITE. So stock those boxes ( or zip locks ) and wear your smiles because good times are around the corner… Hope you are all getting time to fish and let me know if any of you need anything!!!

A Great Start to The 2014 Trout and Steelhead Season.

Well I can say my New Years has started well!! I hope the same for all of you. below is what I have been up too the last couple of weeks. If you are a trout angler at all, GO, go trout fishing. the Deschutes and the Crooked are fishing well right now.
That 5 wt is MAXED out.
Redsides are FN awesome!
My wife lifts a dandy.
Look at that fishes colors, DAMN.

I have been out on the Sandy at least 2 days a week and from here on out I am fully booked for the through the beginning of April. The fish have been chrome, hot and the river has been busy. With that said when the weather turns back into reallity, I think the population of angler will thin. I really love Fly Fishing!!!! I hope all of you are getting out and catching a few. More REAL soon.

When I dream about the Sandy this is what I see.
Can they be any fresher???
Hooked up to a freight train!!!
Perfect still morning for chasing Winter Steelhead.
Happy sport, guide, and chromer fish.