Veiws and Perceptions

Well day 40 for me and here we all are. Some of us are in places where work has stopped and or fishing has stopped. That’s Oregon rite now. For me both the upper apply. May and June are mostly canceled and uncertainty remains heavy on when normalcy will return. Or what the post COVID-19 world will be like.
More so in my opinion the views of what fishing is has really come back into light for me. Maybe some of you have thought differently about it as well. The simple nature of being outside close to a river doing something I love and sharing it will others now out weights the outcome of tough fishing. Fishing through water that may or may not produce anything seems irrelevant to the act of being able to even go.
When this mess is over going fishing, because you once again can work or fish will be better then not going at all. and in that the desire just to be part of it will be more important that how the days is measure for success. Or maybe I have just recalibrated my scale. I hope all of you are safe and getting a good time to really think about the things that bring them real joy. If you would like to support AWA purchase a copy of my book in the time when I can’t guide. Enjoy.