Spey classes a broad.

The best place to be!!!!

Well I will be doing some travelling this year and wanted to get the word out about when and where you can find me. I will be at SOR of course this year, but the day after I will be giving classes for the first 5 people that are interested. This class will focus on the Distance aspect of Spey casting, so if you are going to be hanging around after the tournament contact me directly and we will set it up.

I will also be in New York in July for the “Spey Nation” event. I will be offering 2 days of casting classes. as the first day is very closet to being filled up. I have been told this is a wonderful clave and I am really looking forward to going and seeing the sport through a different location. Again contact me for details. http://speynation.com/

As always I will again presenting at the Sandy River Spey Clave”. I was wanting to see if there were enough people that want to do a cast on that Monday after the clave. I will need at least 4 people for the class, so if you and your buddies are ready let me know. If your travelled all the way here to see the clave don’t leave with out learning something that you wont anywhere else in the world.Sandy River Spey Clave

I will be presenting and attending the Clearwater clave and will be available to set up classes while i am there. Poppy is a great guy. He can help set it up or just email me at speycaster@hotmail.com.


The American Casting Association has become the future of American fly casting. I am not only a member but I am going to help support these guys as much as I can. We need a governing body here in America for the casting events.
After attending the World Championships, I saw first hand the dedication and organization of some of the other countries in the world. I have to say we are way behind. Thanks to Steve Rejeff for having any organization at all. As I am a Spey caster, I want to help these guys organize National Championships, and qualifying events for thing l;ike the World Championships.
I believe that even small events, if organized properly cant help us grow the sport as a country and will better prepare everyone for better and harder events. I have competed internationally now for the past couple of years we need this as inspired casters as a group (the distance spey casters) and as a country.
Here is a link. Take a look and join. It will benefit all of us.  Join the ACA.

The World Championships

Well I am back from Norway…. still alive after the 40+ hours of travel time in 6 days. Now I am getting ready for another good stretch of guiding and to spend some more time with my gals. I would again like to thank all those who gave to make my trip to Norway possible, I can never thank you enough.

All the Contries flags and the aeras seal.

Now here is how the whole thing started. In the spring of 2009 myself and Amy Hazel got the idea we would go to the SOR. I have never been to the ponds. She had been before and had a good idea on how thing were run and the general break down of the event. So with about a month of bad practice and about 9 broken rods and a few hundred dollars in lines later we were there. Driving straight to the ponds even before checking into the hotel I sat and watched some of the other casters. The boys that were in center pond were SMOKING casts…. All dressed in matching shirts casting those light baby blue lines that seemed to hold loops that would not end. This was my first glimpse of the Carron team. To this day that image haunts my mind. The qualifying day was a sight. The boys in blue had brought 7 team members and only 10 casters could qualify… you can guess how many Carron casters made the finals.

The favorite part of this great year. My Little girl.
The time spent getting my butt kick was not spent with my head down. I watched every cast and I was not afraid to ask questions, looking back I wished I knew the right questions to ask. Making friends with James Chalmbers, Raurri Costello, Gerard Downey, Gordon Armstrong, and Andrew Toft was a huge part of the growth of my casting. These are the people that are still pushing the future of distance Spey casting.
The boys and I after and great couple days!
Over the next 3 years the amount of trial and error, money and time. Learning to weld and build lines. All the casting realism’s that were learned and are now going to be tough that are what defines a caster weather he is just an angler or a distance caster. The Journey that Spey casting has taken me on thus far is more than I could have ever imagined and the road ahead still has no limit and the learning and pushing of the world of spey castings potential will go on. Thanks to the people who believe in me the World title was brought home along with a new world record. Now in want to win SOR. The toughest comp in the world hands down…
Thor!!! I bet he has a mean right single.

I thing that the distance spey casting is going to continue to grow and will take a firm seat in the Northwest. Plus I believe the future of line and rod development depends on what we accomplish. So those of you thinking of competing do….and those who are untested watch or attend these events or support them thought some kinda of contribution. Thanks for reading a supporting me and the future of spey casting.

Thats how a loaded rod should look!!