Nothing Like First Light.

An early morning hook up, just icing on the cake.
I can’t think of a more peaceful time on any Steelhead river. After the sounding of the alarm clock and the first sips of morning Joe. The bus of a boat ramp or the quick drive to you favorite piece of water. First light is amazing!
As I look back on how many sunrises I have witnessed in my days Steelhead fishing. How many times the sound of the river morning is broken by the sound of a Canyon Ren, or the sound of a turning reel. Beginning a day not only chasing one of God’s finest creations, but standing in some of the most wonderful places on earth.

So next time your out before light waiting for the morning fishing light. Tip your coffee cup to the river and the fish. Mostly to the fact your there not anywhere else.

Summer Steelhead and good friends

Well I cant say that the Steelhead fly fishing has been out of control good on the Deschutes lately. I can say I have had some good times and few great laughs and have caught myself and seen some of my buddies get a few so that’s what counts. I was able to capture a few of theses good times on camera. I hope you enjoy.

Three beautiful things.
Is that Corey Hart? Nope just an excited Josh Linn.
Sweet sun on the water action.

Single handed bamboo, classic fly , and a hot backing ripping wild summer steelhead

Poppy in action! What a stud!

I don’t think you can get them any earlier that this one.
Eye to eye with the beast.

Remember keep that fly in the water and stepping down river, it will happen. It is always going to be the next cast.