Well I am back!! Get ready for some of my opinions and stories.

Here we are, smack in the middle of one of the weird and wild world situations most of us have ever been around to wittness. Having no window of time that make sense as some states are pushing back “stay at home” orders are getting extended for the second or third time.

large Redside Rainbow Trout up close

Now here we as loose knit group of people who have a love of a small but wonderful wild of fly fishing. Feeling as one of the most helpless people right now. Unable to even go fishing, guide, or fight for the industry I work. I haven’t written for a good while now, but with this isolation, I now have plenty of time to speak my mind on many topics in and around not only fly fishing but the outdoor market. I plan on doing this twice a week. I hope you are all ready. Talk soon. Stay home and safe.


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