We live in a world that seems to revolve around better, easier, faster. In many ways thing are. Some how in our world of fly fishing we are a Modern day throw back. There is a simple but elegant manner of stringing a fly rod and hand building leaders. Now a days fashionably dresses in some plaid flannel shirt and 5 panel trucker cap. Wearing 1000 dollar suits made of petroleum to keep us dry. Carrying a refillable water bottle as to feel better about wearing the oil produced suit, or maybe so other see that we have the refillable water bottle. Fashionably showing that we are saving our planet.
We have phone apps and fishing reports that are with in days if not hours. Telling us the water level and perceived fishing conditions and productivity of the waters. New fly rods made with space aged nano resins to make them lighter and more responsive. Truth is we (yes including myself) carry a heavy sense of duality in this “quiet sport”. Fly fishing’s foot print is growing even if the number of new anglers is slowing. The online cultivated fly fishing ideas and market place expand. So seems local pressure of what was once unknown fishing haunts is reached a point of nothing is secret, and or will not remain that way.
Now that I have all that off my chest. With all we make it not a single fly fishing company can make a boot lacing system or laces that work for shit, last or even stay tied for more then half a day. So please, if your out there do something about this, thanks. We have to have the technology to do at least that. Thanks