Master Class Spey Camp

Fishing a Mid Belly line on a fine summer day on the Deschutes.

Well I have finally put together a steelhead fishing and deep instructional Spey Camp. I call it a camp only because your not at home but will be based in more a lodge style setting. Day floats on the lower Deschutes river will be a solid mix of steelhead Angling and intermediate/advances instruction. The dates are July 26-28.

A group of anglers getting one on one instruction to become better anglers and casters

The day will begin with a quick but large breakfast spread that should even provide something for the most difficult breakfast goers. The hop in the truck for a short drive to the ramp and off chasing steelhead. Fishing will be the focus until the lunch break.

Fresh July fish are awesome!!!!

After lunch we will focus on building new casting techniques to match each caster in the group. Where it is gaining anchor control of distance, tighter loops, or fishing more types of water. It will be covered in the 3 days on the water.

My box is full and ready.

After the fishing and instruction we will head back to the lodge for some appetizers and drinks with a guest speaker/tier then dinner and rest. So we can be up and ready again to get after it again in the morning.

Kicking ass in 2018!!!

5 spots is all I am going to allow in the class. So that everyone can get what they want out of the class for Angling and Casting. If anyone has interest shoot me an email about signing up for this class. Thanks and let’s get you on the water!!

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  1. Kevin Bulley
    Kevin Bulley says:

    Thanks for a great time on the river. In addition to us catching fish in the morning shade you quickly isolated a couple of flaws in my cast that have been driving me crazy and gave me rock solid strategies to work with in the future. I am coming back next year.

  2. Craig O Laurie
    Craig O Laurie says:

    Thanks for today. Loved your book. You need an editor, dude. Any room in your July class? Price? Also, based on what you saw today, can I become proficient enough at this with lots of practice to make it worth my while to go to Tierra Del Fuego in January? Thank you again. I learned a lot, and more than that enjoyed a day on the river with good company. Go get’em in SF, and uphold the Oregon honor!


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