Hacked by Isis, and Salmon flies just around the corner.

Holy crap!!!

I am sure a few of you noticed the Hacked by Mohammed cover page last week. I am sorry for that. Apparently spey casting has become the newest pastime of militant Islamic groups. This hacking incident seem to have occurred after I was contacted by Akbar Snap T, he wanted a group rate for dates I already had book. Seemed his calendar was full and our schedules would not work out, then I denied some crazy groupon deal he wanted me to honor. push come to shove…..BAM was hacked by Mohammed. Everything is now backup and going again sorry for the inconvenience. (I made this up so I hope nobody takes too much offence)

All things in this photo are perfect!!


Don’t have to be real observant to see what the trout are eating here.

On a sweeter note the time to book those Salmon fly trout trips has come. I am starting to fill the calendar, so don’t get left out. Lets get you on the water. The current winter Steelhead is moving along and as usual for cold large reactionary creatures one cast can make the day. I am booked up for March and have a few dates in April. Hope everyone is getting out and have surrvived the wild winter thus far!!

Having the chance to take a winter steelhead is a great opportunity!!

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