Smelt, Spring, and Sandy River Steelhead

Small but almost too bright!
Smelt…The first desendt run in 21 years. They show up quick and are gone almost as fast.
Sometimes the ones you dont land make the best stories.
Some days it looks and acts like spring, others not so much.
Still fresh Winter Steelhead showing up!!
Just easing one in… The monent of truth.
Who said you cant catch Winter Steelehad at first light.
Bright fish, Bright day.

Have been busy this year, lots going on. The Sandy keeps fishing steady and weather is still all over the board. After 21 years we finally had a Smelt run on the Sandy that was a hope inspiring thing to see these forage fish return to the Sandy and CColumbia rivers. Lastly now is the time to start thinking about booking your Salmon Fly Trips. I am going to start hunting them on top around May 10th…give or take:). If you are interested let me know for either day trips or camp trips,


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