Been Busy!!! Here are the happenings and Sandy Steelhead Report

This the the reason behing the last post.

Well I have not been try to not get a blog out, that’s just how my free time has been. Non existent!!! Lots of new GOOD new, ok news, and some bad news too. First off the Northwest Spey Casting Open wont be a go this year… I am as bummed as you. The people who own the site and I could not reach a price agreement and I was unable to afford the price they wanted. Now this does not rule out the fact the event will happen, Just not looking like this year. If you know anything about another location or potential place I am all ears.

Early Morning Hook up! On a short cast….
Hang on!!! Missed the fish in the air but still a great shot.

Good news!! All Water Angling has become official. I have finally purchased my own Deschutes permit and this year will be running trips under the title of AWA. Hints the last blog post. All the hats will be in next week if you want one let me know, and help my young business grow. Also lets talk booking for the Fall, August-October are about half full, Now is better than later. Plus I will be offering specialized camp trips, shoot me an email if you have questions. I am JAZZED!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Great Job Nobu!!!

Now the OK….Winter Steelhead fishing has been hard work, but rewarding. I have been having to get creative with fishing locations and tips… I have been really constantly getting a couple chances a day. Which is really good for Winter Steelheading. I have a few more spots for late April and if we have water through May will be trying to catch a few Summer Steelhead and Chinook…

You don’t always need heavy flies. Thanks Jeff

Here are a few photos of fishing lately… Enjoy!

It is good to be back in Oregon!!!
Interesting catch…
Could not resists the “Gaga”
42″ long!! What a gorgeous fish!! Great Job Mr. Bray
Classic Winter Buck!!
Just perfect conditions. Hang on.
Great job Brad! Had a blast fishing the river with you.
Little fly BIG water.
I love the color orange.
Fishing the good stuff. Slow water.


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