A Magic Place

Calm and Peaceful early morning at the ponds.

I have never been one to believe in magic, but I do believe magical places exist. Something is there, a phenomenon occurs. Weather it is a feeling, a visual ignition, or am unexplained draw, a pulling of ones soul. These places hold something deeper than on dot on a map.

In the modern world of Spey casting there is one place more magical than any other. A place where you wont even have a chance at a grab all day. The casting ponds at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA. Geographically placed like a links style golf course, and set in an east to west manner. The area incased in tall stands of fir and eucalyptus trees. Creating an island of isolation in a bustling metropolis. A calm sunrise there is as calming and peaceful as a religious landmark. I personally feel more alive there than almost anywhere else on earth.

The waters of the ponds give off an almost fountain of youth effect, bringing out a spry youthfulness I have only witnessed rarely in my life. More friends are made, stories told, legends rise, and history produced in our world, the world of modern Spey casting then at the Golden Gate ponds. The place where com-rotary for a short time is placed above all else… Our personal demons and enemies are put to the side, and during those moments that magical place is also filled with magic people. Time stands still just to reflect at the gathering of our worlds best and up and comers, Heroes, and Giants of the Spey Casting world are free and relaxed.

If you have never been to the ponds, go, don’t be afraid to make a few casts. If you have never been to SOR (Spey-O-Rama), also go. Be part of it missing it would be a shame, that’s when all the magic happens. As a spectator, a caster and an enthusiast, I am still struck with disbelief.  

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