The Sandy and Clackamas Winter Steelheading has begun.

Large early season Winter Steelhead!

Well the cold weather finally made it here. Thoughts of staying warm entering all our heads as the snow fall, holiday shopping here and there to be prepared for Christmas day. We all are out doing it. In the back of my mind creeps the desire to be out in the cold chasing the only thing that keeps a Winter Steelhead guides head straight….Winter Steelhead. Once that first heavy rain of December comes around it is time!!

So for those who are looking to get out this winter I thought that it was time to post some dates. These are what I still have open. Thanks to those of you who have already booked their dates.

December: 11,12,18

January: 1,2,3,15,22,23,24,29,30,31

February: 5,6,7,19,28

March: 5,6,7, 12,13,14

These are the date if you have any questions shoot me and email at or call 541-591-3936. To all a GREAT HOLIDAY. The past year was one of my best, with better yet to come.

From me and my family.

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