This is what I am picturing for the “Northwest Spey Casting Open”

Well things are starting to move with the Northwest Spey Casting Open. These are the different casting events that will take place. 15′ Spey for seniors, ladies, and the unlimited. All the rules are to a tee what we will be doing at SOR. There will be an 18′ Spey off the dock as well. Plus a 15′ overhead also off the dock. Lastly a fishing comp, that’s right real fishing rods, 13’6″ maximum rod length heads no longer than 55′. I would love to hear from all  of you out there about your thought on these events. The logo is in the works and the ropes are being strung with floats.
Take a look below at the picture of the recent trips on the river. Some good shot I thing. The river is busy and there are not that many fish, but who cares get out and throw a line. It is the only way to hook one.

Making sure my knots are ready for battle!

Relaxing on the river with my wife.

The HOT fly pattern right now.

Even the road has a few secret places.

Not letting this second one get away!

Small wild and full of energy.

The Deschutes Canyon is AWESOME everyone you wants to fish in beautiful places must fish here at least once.

We have great and interesting wildlife on the river too.

Big green Mantis.

Chromer on the M.I.L.F. ( Man I Like to Fish)

Hard at work!!

Sweet Fish for the lady!!
Not a bad way to start your morning!!! Maybe 20 casts.
They claim that the Indians combed their hair with the spinney part of the Teasel plant.

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