The Dean Needs our help!!!

Thats the spot!!

Word from the North is not good and our Steelhead fishing brothers and sisters are asking us all to help. We need to express our view as anglers and as conservationists. If you have been or are still dreaming of going to the Dean River, then stand up and be proactive.

There is NO PLACE like this and we will never get it back. Let not waste time!

Big time commercial netting has hit the Dean Channel hard and the worst part is the government has no laws in place to protect places like this. It almost seems heart breaking that places like this should even be threatened by things so undiscriminating or fall under something so uncontemperary of what I would conceive possible in this day and age. None the less with Silver Salmon showing up now and Chums still to come the time for action is now. A simple email can go a long way!! I would only hope that we can in some way help to shape the near future for thew greatest Steelhead fishery in the world.

So let this guy know how you feel about what going on. Let him know how you feel as an angler, conservationist, and naturalist. Thanks for your help

Travis Johnson

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