Deschutes Trout are still eating caddis and the Big Apple is getting close.

Olive Caddis did the trick.
Look at those FINS!

The trout on the Deschutes are still eating well. Caddis is top game but this cooler weather will bring great Mayfly hatches. I have also been getting consistent fishing on nymphs as well.  Caddis pupa and small oddly colored nymphs have produced best.

Nice and easy release! I love these trout.
FN Big one!

Spey Nation is on the horizon and if you are looking to book a casting clinic while I am out there just shoot me an email I am really looking forward to heading out there to see Spey casting in a different part of the world! I love helping people become better casters and i also love seeing new waters and how other anglers fish for there fish. If you have not looked yet here is the website.Spey Nation

Classic Redside!
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