Winter is a Great time to fish for Steelhead

Nice wild hen…. I wont complain one bit!!

I have been hard at work! doing my best to connect my sports with my favorite fish. I got new work boots and have put them to the test. Here are the spoils of my days out……

Tommy’s first Chromer!!! get fish for a great guy.
First day Steelhead fishing, First Steelhead!
And second!!!
My Favorite winter rod…. and Fly.
FN Monster!!!!
A guides favortie sight.
Winter mornings are sometimes Awesome!!
Chromer Hen!!! Reel Screamer Too
On the job, smoke break!!


About to slide one in.
Sea Lice!
Chromer, and Wild.
When fishing is good, We are all happy.


Big Boy for Bill.
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