Crazy spey casting angle

The Winter Steelhead Shot of the Week!

Crazy Angle.

Well nothing is every easy with these freaking Winter Steelhead. I have been finding a few but consistency has been all over the days we get them…more than one hooked. I have been tying a few new things and i wanted to pass then on to you.

Super Bright!!!

T-8 is awesome when used right. When you guide we usually have 2 anglers and sending one guy with T-8 down the inside has been good to me. But getting people to not want to wade deep and just bomb line has been tough. My advise fish the closest water fish!!! Enjoy the photos!

We have had some wild weather.
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  1. Steve G
    Steve G says:

    Just a comment about the photo of the guy (me) out in the river in the hailstorm. I had not had the opportunity to cast in those kind of conditions (wind and heavy hail), so I said to myself, “Why not give it a shot?” So there you were taking this photo (as I struggled to get off a decent cast), but what happened afterwards is why I appreciate you as a guide and a casting instructor. You waded out to where I was at, corrected my technique, and showed me that it indeed could be done. Thanks again.


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