Wading Boots…a Steelheaders best friend

There is nothing better than new pair of wading boots. Boots that fit are even better. Wading boots have ones of the toughest jobs around. Keeping your ass dry and traversing everything your local waters can possibly have under their surfaces. Be it felt, Rubber, Studs, we all have our own version of what keeps us confidently wading the rivers we call home.

The boots take the toughest part of a Steelhead anglers job!! Mine just take more!!!
Well I am proud to say I have a new pair on the way as the ones that I have been wearing for the past 14 months are on their last leg. I will have no excuses now…

Well I can say I have been catching fish and no it has not been easy. But then again who wants easy, look at the condition of my boots…. I love the chase. get out there and keep fishing the conditions this winter are changing to the extreme week to week. The fish are there just go!!!

I will be back soon…..

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