Happy Holidays!!!

I got my buddy Bruce something nice for the holidays!!! I broke his rod, what is better than that!!

Well it is the season. Hope you all got your shopping done. I was early this year so I think that I will score points as opposed to the usual scramble. I hope you are all thinking about the up and coming winter Steelhead season. This is going to be a El Nino year. Which means warmer wetter weather. Awesome for winter Steelhead. I have been out on the river a few time this year and have encountered fish. I have seen 6 hooked and another 6 grabs that amounted to nothing but it is early. 1 fish to the beach, was a real beauty at 14 lbs. and wild to boot. I wish all that fished with me a wonderful holiday and for those who have not fished with me yet maybe this year is the year we get out there and take care of biz.

Happy Holiday’s from me and my whole family.

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