As the fishing gets tougher, So do I.

Some of the fish have been BIG. Not many but big.

Well it is far to late into the season to kid yourself on the ideal that more fish are going to magically just from the pacific ocean into the Deschute let alone the Columbia river system. It is just a low number tough year for Steelhead. Throwing up your hands and complaining about other people still has not landed me any more fish.

Patrick and I teamed up on this one, Sweet!

So as the year got harder my vision has narrowed. I have been watching far more closely and been more picky that normal on the quality of the casting. As well as the angles and mends. When fishing is hard you need to be more critical of your own fishing. Work on your casting. Try to control the angle of your casts by body and anchor position. Work on controlling the speed of the fly slow to fast. The same ole shit is not working gain confidence with other tactics flies (like a skater).

Brad’s first Steelhead. A tough long day made perfect way to end a day.

When the season tries you, try harder. Learn and become a better angler. look at some of the photos of a few fish that we earned as a team of guide and sport.

Small but pulled like a whipped hawg!
An early start! You can’t fish all day if you don’t start early in the morning.
Never quit even when you think that all is lost! It can happen.
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