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The American Casting Association has become the future of American fly casting. I am not only a member but I am going to help support these guys as much as I can. We need a governing body here in America for the casting events.
After attending the World Championships, I saw first hand the dedication and organization of some of the other countries in the world. I have to say we are way behind. Thanks to Steve Rejeff for having any organization at all. As I am a Spey caster, I want to help these guys organize National Championships, and qualifying events for thing l;ike the World Championships.
I believe that even small events, if organized properly cant help us grow the sport as a country and will better prepare everyone for better and harder events. I have competed internationally now for the past couple of years we need this as inspired casters as a group (the distance spey casters) and as a country.
Here is a link. Take a look and join. It will benefit all of us.  Join the ACA.
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