Well I have a couple of things on my mind.

Well the baby is getting close!!! I am so excited about that, wish I had the words. I also have still been casting now and again. I have to opportunity to go to Norway this year and compete at the World Championships. What I might need is help finding the funds to go. Iam trying to scrap the money togeather, but if any of you might want to help at all in the smallest way if would be helpful. If you want to checkout the site for the comp, here it is

World championship in flycasting 2012 - Fly a little further
Also I would like to talk about the up coming summer Steelhead season on the Deschutes. I have days open but some of the months are filling up fast. If you have any interest in going down the river with me seeinge Deschutes as you maybe have not seen it before. If you want to learn more about spey casting then you have ever wanted too. All this stuff while chasing the finest game fish on the planet. Let me know, shoot me an email, call the shop. I will be ready so will the fish.

A Sweet July fish, some years they are there early!

Another fine July fish with a Happy sport!
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