The Spey O Rama 2012

We all share in a Carron Victory!!!

Well it has been a little while since Got back form the SOR. Licking my wounds of pride and and try to pick myself up from personal defeat. Amidst all the disappointment I have plenty of reason to keep me happy and keep me at the limits of trying to cast further and further. When I look at the week as a whole The boys in blue took all of the top spots. A new World record was set 185′ what a boomer!!! Also by a Carron team member the Champ himself Gerard Downey. I was also inducted into the 180 foot club along with great Norwegian caster Gier Hansen, not bad.
The level of casting it takes to compete at this event is almost unreal unless you are there to see it. Hearing about a 180′ cast is one thing but seeing it is impressive.
I would also like to thank all my team members for the job that they all have done and their own dedication to the SOR. with out the like of us and the people that put these events on spey casting would still be a few steps back. These are the people that are driving the advancement of spey lines and the future of the distance spey casting.
The Carron team carries with it more class and dedication than any other team of any kind I have been on. Helping each other and pushing each other holding our competitors in high rearguard and fully understanding there is no ” I ” in team. James Chalmers is definitely the greatest casting coach and line wizard of our modern day, This year he proved himself in the ponds to. I tip my hat to him, Great Job Brother!!!!
I am now starting to process the new things I have learned and started to make the adjustment. I will be back in San Fran again. With full intentions of wining someday soon. Thanks to all my friends and family and sports for you support. To all the competitors you guys are awesome lets keep going and see where the journey takes us. See some of you in August.

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    Travis, thanks for sharing your passion and skill, you inspire all of us to take it to the next level. What a great group of people to know and compete with–their spirit of generosity is rare in today’s world. I anticipate getting serious with that long-belly line under your watchful eye. Steve G.


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