A Good Mix of Winter and Summer Fish.

Bright!!! Just not to smart.

Well the Sandy keeps pushing out fresh fish.  Fishing has been consistent, not everyday but consistent. The mix of winter fish and summer fish can make things very interesting. There are some down river fish out there but if you happen into one just get him off your line and try fishing different water. Check out a few of the fish some of my sports have recently been into.

This is the kind of stock we want. Hard fighting winter bucks.

Cute Summer Sandy Steelhead!
I was batting clean up. Got Lucky.

This machine was one of the best takes of the season!!! Before Sean could make the mend.

Happy sport, happy guide.
The moment we all want lifting the rod on the weight of the fish.

Some of the summer aren’t big but they are bright!

Don’t forget the “Sandy Spey Clave” is next week end. This year I am giving 2 presentations. hope to see some of you there.

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