Pics from The Rio.

I just happend to get lucky.

I have been getting out a couple of times a week and with the shop and preparing for the little one have not been posting my fualt. I have also started thinking about SOR, so.  The fishing has been true winter Steelheading tough and nasty conditions. I have taken some nice shots as of late thought you guys might enjoy. I had a great time with everyone on the river this year so far. I still have a few openings left and plan on fishing the Sandy into June so keep that in mind.
Michael Bray!!! Just taking care of bizz. He had a great couple of days!
Beautiful wild hen.

He just could not let the “Gaga” pass.

Even in the worst rain, if you can handle it Steelhead can be had.

Fish On!!!!!

Must have been a music lover??
Even the gals like the Lady G.
Super Chrome Hen!

We have even been detecting metal.

Sometimes the last cast can be the best.

Small but spunky! You have to love them all.

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  1. Jacob Hirst
    Jacob Hirst says:

    Oh and the last cast was for sure the best! What a cool day man, had a blast and look forward to getting out and fishing again soon!


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