Local Guy Going Big

Now and then you meet some really great people. With fly fishing being the common link to the association. The local guy that I am talking about in this blog is Dary Bacha. Darcy live locally here on Mt. Hood. He has a passion for Spey Fishing that is almost as vast as his passion for photography.  If you get some time check out his site darcybachaphotography.com. He really has an eye for great shots and shots Nikon which is what I can relate too. Last year he won photo of the year with his cover photo on Powder magazine.

The Man, Myth, and Legend. (Or soon to be)

I have fished with Darcy a few times now and seem him in action. He fishes well and just has a way of taking something simple and making it a wonderful picture. He also has a spread coming out this year in The Drake Magazine. Trying his hand at breaking into fly fishing world and personally I think your going to start seeing allot from this talented young man.  Check out some of the pictures, this local guy is going places. I wish him all the best.

Look at those spots.
Happy ending!
One of my favorite pictures from Darcy.

Wild and a perfect shot.

Late season Deschutes Buck.

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