Just getting aSandy River update out.

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks. I really like trying to write one blog a week. I have been real busy as of late and I might as well let you all know that Jamie and I are having a baby this year. In perperation for that I have been super busy.

Lots of Ammo, the good stuff.

Back to the river. Fishing did get tough over the pass week and a half. As hard headed as I am I have been taking this challenge head on by just trying to fish more pieces of water in a day. Just the math seem to be working out.

The prize for hard work!
Stick out the rain and just keep the fly in the water.
Thats how winter steelheading should be.

Remember the NW Fly Tying Expo in Albany is coming up. Check out this link for a list of tyers and vendors http://nwexpo.com/ . Keep you fly in the water. If you need insperation call me up or shot me a email.

I love wild Steelhead!! You can see through that anal fin.
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  1. mtnplzur
    mtnplzur says:

    Congrats on the upcomming addition to your family. I know you are excited. Sorry I missed you in the shop when I was in OR earlier this month. I continue to follow your blog closely. I hope to see you at the Spey Clave. Regards, James Kiker from SC


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