January 3rd

A great way to start the winter Steelhead season!!

I am just gong to say that during the course of you fishing or guiding career, one notices similar criteria that bring success. These instances are often recorded either in a fishing journal or even just made a mental record of. For me and my winter Steelhead fishing January 3rd is and will always be a day I Will fish. In the past 5 years I have fished 4 of them. During that time I have hooked fish all 4 of those years, and 2 of the 3 have produced fish over 15 lbs.

It helps to keep those mental notes. I might go nil for the next decade but The last 5 years were well worth it. If you ready to go on a trip let me know. There are a few fresh fishing running around, and I would love for you to hook one.

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    BLUEANGLER says:

    what a beautiful fish!! nice mind set! I always go fishing on Sat. most of time are after stripers, nothing like May stripers on a big ol river. dogwoods blooming and striper are running! : ) nice read Travis…


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