Who Is Ready for The Dean!!!!

Well this year it is on!!!! I will be going to the Dean River. Last year due to a greedy persons sense of entitlement I was unable to attend the trip I booked. This year will be different story.  The trip this Year will be a Chinook/Steelhead trip. Dates are as followed June 15-21, This is primarily a Chinook week but Steelhead are an everyday occurrence.

If you are interested in joining me at Blackwell’s Lower dean Lodge. Shoot me an email. I only have 3 spots left so the sooner the better. It is going to be a GREAT time. That I can Guarantee.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Travis. It was a pleasure for both myself and my wife for having met you at the fly shop on our Thanksgiving vacation. Your suggestions and recommendations for fishing the Deschutes River were spot on! I caught and released some beautiful rainbows during the early morning of Thanksgiving day. I only wish I could have connected with one of the steelhead that were haunting some of the holes I fished. The jacket, hat and fleece pullover I purchased the evening before kept me comfortable and warm during my fishing adventure. Finally, we wish you the absolute best in this years Spey Casting competitions. We will be following your successes online! Hope to see you next year! Mike and Letha

  2. speycaster
    speycaster says:

    Well now it seems both people above have some of the facts but not all. So let me straighten out and fill in the blanks.
    In August of 2010 I started emailing people and lodges on the Dean river in my spare time. Mainly after guide trips late in the evening. April Vokey was the first to respond with good words and open weeks. April then put me intouch with John Blackwell. John is owner and operator of Blackwell’s Lower Dean Lodge. He is a super nice man that has only offered me good advice and I feel bad how he was caught up between the Hazels and myself. Over several email we put together a week.
    Now here is where we all need be clear. I put this trip together on my own, outside of work. The Deschutes Angler never advertised this trip nor did they help me to book the week. I told them about the trip after I had frimed it up and already had 3 people interested in going.
    Over the next few weeks I had 5 people commited to going on the trip. Now this is where I made a mistake. John Hazel told me he would take care of the deposits for the trip, with a bit of hesitation I said ok. Now all the Hazels did was act as a deliverer of the money.
    Now if destination trips were a perk of working for the Hazels, that is one I never was given. I worked and watched every other employee go on trips to some great destinations. Never was given the chance to attend these trip. Thats why I went out of my own way to get this week on the Dean river. After Hearing from both John and Amy for years that the Dean river was dead, and to switch my dream and go somewhere else. I am surprized they went at all. Another think to keep in mind. Interesting perk system!
    Now in late October I did commit a crime. I also turned myself in. The Hazel’s permit was never in jeopardy as the incident happend on private land, and the BLM would have no jurisdiction. I also pleaded guilty on my own, taking all the blame making sure that the Hazels would take no repercussion. In no part of my fines or communtity service, did the State ever say you cant fish the Dean nor did the State say you can’t go to Canada. So deicied for your self. I some how made it to Scotland and Italy. Was never Charged with a Felony. Did I do something wrong YES I did, I have also been prosecuted and the whole thing was finished in September.
    I believe this is my blog. So with that in mind I think that allows me to write what ever is on my mind and posted it. Sorry for those offened but those were the facts. I raised the money and got the people, and was then not even notifed until April that I was not going. Kinda a bullshit deal in my oppinon. So the Perks system works in reverse too. An man puts a vacation together and the mans place of employement get the trip instead see if that make sence to you. Does that mean that they should receive credit for every cast and fish I ever caught or all the good thing I have done. When I was let go, John told me I was one of the finest fishing guides he had even seen. I am rough around the edges for sure but all and all most of the time I am pretty easy going. If you need any more info just email me, or for that matter ask the Hazels if anything I wrote is not true.
    Have a great day. Travis Johnson

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In Mr. Johnson’s defense I don’t think the trip belonged to the fly shop, nor did they ever offer him a trip to the Dean river. Now he committed a crime, we all know. The crime had nothing to do with the boys vacation. You should get your facts straight. Call and talk to either party involved. See what they say.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Last year due to a greedy persons sense of entitlement I was unable to attend the trip I booked……

    In REALITY you were fired from your previous guide job because you committed a crime on the Deschutes River while guiding and this put your employer’s permit in jeopardy. Your selfish actions resulted in you not being able to go on the Dean River trip which was a perk of your former job. The Hazels fired you and thus did not send you to the Dean with the hosted trip. Let’s get the facts straight…..


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