Spey Casting Class

Working a long rod, helps give better understanding to all spey casting situations.
This Coming year I really want to put a lot of emphasise on teaching Spey casting. I am going to start offering line style specific classes. I want offer something to every body from beginner classes to teaching the fine art of distance casting.
My teaching style is simple and very comprehensive. I like to use simple analogies to convey the basic principles of the casting. No matter what style of casting you prefer I can help you improve line control distance and better help you understand how these thing apply to the fishing situations here in the Pacific Northwest.
Email is a great way to setup a class and if I don’t get back ASAP I have not forgotten you I will reply as soon as I can. Prices will go as followed and are for one or two people.
Price List:
Basic Spey lesson 4 to 5 hours            $200.00

Scandi Spey lesson 4 to 5 hours          $200.00

Skagit Spey lesson 4 to 5 hours           $225.00

Mid, long belly or distance Spey casting Lessons 4 to 5 hours     $275.00

I would also be happy to customize any lesson to fit your needs. These are also a great way to prepare for a trip. A third party may be added for an additional cost of $75.00. Just email me or contact me at the shop (503) 622-4607.

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