Well The season pushes on…

As we can all see this years Steelhead counts are low to average. I could lie and say that they were better but that’s just not the way it is. Are there fish HELL YEAH, might you have to work for them OH YEAH.
Years like this to me are great! they are great for the river, and great for the perspectives of true steelhead anglers. In the years with 600,000 Steelhead over Bonneville dam, any and everybody can be a Steelhead Fisherman. With the years we are having, only the hard and only the strong willed will survive. Also you might become a better caster out of the deal, LOL. I thought that was funny.

What a sweet wild hen, on a size 10.

Camp water can be as good as any other place.

Small Streetwalker, they don’t get any dirtier.

Here are some recent pictures just to keep your spirits up. Unlike unicorns they are there. Keep that line in the water!!

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