The Water of My Youth.

One of my favorite runs.

The Salmon River opened up to fishing just the other day. I had not fished on this stretch of river for many years. Although the memories of the river and it’s beautiful water and fish, are chiseled in my mind. I took my dog and walked him along a few of the pieces of water that I use to love to fish. I was memorized by the runs. Studying the changes and putting a plan in my mind on how I might now fish everyone of the as I past stopping to piece the pools together. Examining every pool for the sign of a fish. Even the looking for suspect shadows and every dark line in each tail out.

No fish were seen but that mattered not, I was excited. I was walking along a beautiful peace of my past. Remembering things that I had not thought about for years. Looking at the plants, flowers and listening to the water rushing and birds. Finally kneeing beside the river in a spot where I had landed a number of summer steelhead. Reaching out and feeling the water with my hands. Cold but familiar to the touch and smell.

Walking on down the river a good ways further. I came to over look the spot where I had risen my first steelhead to a skated dry, again searching for a fish…  But none were seen.  The walked down seemed like miles but when I reached the end and had to turn around. The walk out seem quick and short, looking at the water but not quite the same. Stopping only to linger at the top of the canyon to get one more look at the water. I  will be back armed with my favorite rod and a small box of flies, if for nothing else but to re-live those pieces of the river again. Pondering the simplistic beauty of our sport and being grateful that it has touched my life.

To many times we get caught up with the fish and numbers and size. When what we should be looking at is the quality of life that the rivers themselves can offer an angler. Hold your head high at the end of day of angling regardless of the out come. Because when time is spent on beautiful water searching for the answer to hit you like a ton of bricks. Your mind is clear and pure, and maybe that’s the answer or maybe that’s the beauty.


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