Well it is fast approaching!! The CLA gamefair, the largest outdoor sporting show in the world. With it is all encompassing venues from fishing and hunting to dirt bikes and falconry this show has it all. This year this spectacle will be held in England at the beautiful Blenheim Palace. The history and True taste of traditional rich English class of this place is not to be matched. The grounds giving the use of 2,000 acers. This will accommodate the 200,000 plus spectators not counting the 140,000 vendors, food booths, and informational stands.

I am going for one of two reasons. The first to the reasons is going to see my good friends from Scotland and Ireland. The second is to cast at the prestigious 18′ unlimited casting comp at the CLA gamefair. I must confess I have gone crazy! Casting taking over my mind… I think and breath spey casting. Lately I have been out with my 18 footer. Trying to make sense of the distances that I am supposed to be getting(if I want to even try to compete). If you recall I wrote a blog last month about my first few times out with the 18′ weaponry. It was heavy and clumsy in my hands. The line was seemingly unbalanced. With some time under my belt and a few Minor line adjustment. I think I am getting close. Only time will tell.

21 days and my dreams of Scotland are true. The historic rivers, the highlands, and maybe some whiskey… Yeah that stuff too. Wish me luck and check out the link to the CLA. find them on facebook. Or even come and attend.The CLA gamefair

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