Sorry about the lack of posting lately.

I m sorry about waiting so long to post.  My life has been very busy and fast paced.   But anyway I am sure you guy and gals just want the scoop on what has been going down on the Sandy and Clackamas rivers.

Vince from the shop shows off a chromer he caught recently 

The Sandy has been hit or miss, or as I like to call it standard steelhead fishing,  both Josh and Mark Have been reporting the same kind of findings. 1 or 2 hook ups a day.  The river looks new and in some spots much improved and others not so great.  But with everything there are ebbs and tides.

I have also heard as of late that the Clackamas has been putting out a few more fish lately.  Reports of 2 to 4 hook ups a day.  Sound good to me but  you never know until you get up there and do it.  I urge everyone to get out and start fishing.  It is going to be great one of these days real soon.

I will be more on top of the post from here on out, tight lines and good luck.  Travis

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