His best trip ever.

Wild buck, nice find.
Chrome hen.
Yeah it was cold.
I found this big boy.
Looks weird, but has worked all season and last.
The sweetest little guy you ever saw. Great diversity.

Classic wild buck.
A perfect day of steelheading.
Kick ass hen, into the backing.
First light, a wonderful time in late November.
A great fish for ending the days together.

My brother Kyle and I have been hitting the local rivers pretty hard.  Through the cold, wind, sun, rain and snow, we fish.  In the past week or so we took multiple fish everyday and some days a bunch.  With a bit of hard work and some great and helpful steelhead, we had a great time.  I only get fish with him maybe one time a year so, the time was more that just fishing. The morning coffee talks and fire side whiskey rambles just added to the hunt for the wonderful steelhead finding their ways up the rivers of a historic past.  We laughed and each had some great memories, I just think we should fish together more.  Here are some photos of the fishing hope you enjoy.

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    Did Kyle bring o’l “Jimmy Dean” with him? I still laugh at that story. Got to fish with my Kyle this summer… I can relate to the peripheral bonus of fishing with a brother. Looks like a good trip!


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