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I have had a lot of things on my mind lately.  None more important than great casting technique.  I know hard to believe right.  Back to business The number one thing I can tell anybody who wants to be a great fishing caster, or a great distance caster is start with rock solid fundamentals.  The start of each cast is the most important part as this sets the tempo for the entire cast.

1.  The line must be taunt from fly or yarn to the tip of the rod.  I don’t care if you a scandi caster skagit caster, or long liner you need a taunt line.  This seemingly small thing even with short line can make a huge  difference in the direction flight path and turn over of you line.

2. A SLOWWWWW lift is so crucial to the casts overall out come, that I cant put enough stress on this one.  Even when I am out casting and something just is not happening the way I want.  Like a funny looking loop or a the end of the line or leader dose not want to consistently turn over.  Now this will work for any setup, not just a single spey.  I mean it next time you are out do a snap-t with a slow lift into a soft setup and watch how much more consistent you anchors land.

3. Lastly for this blog do your set up as clean and smooth as possible.  The saying that stands out in my mind is go slow and when you think your going slow go slower.  This also mean smooth no jerky or sudden movements. just controlled deliberate motion.  All these thing add up to the less work and better casting technique you use, the less work and better cast you get.

I hope these thing are helping somebody, that would make me feel good.  Check back soon as more casting tips, a John Day fishing report and more….  Enjoy

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  1. the nutman
    the nutman says:

    like how you put emphasis on the slow pick up often times when I started casting I was in a rush to get through the cast.Somewhere I realized slowing down and taking my time made better casts and it went through the whole cast not just the lift.The lift, keeping the rod level with the plain of the water, then executing the move to make the cast and then watching the D loop.That really got me into casting better.Not that Im superman but you know we all dream.


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