Alexander Grant vibration rod

putting the heat to him

I recently bought a 14′ Grant greenheart rod.  I must say the first thing that I noticed is the rods weight,  much lighter than a cane rod of the same length.  The grip was much smaller and easy to handle.  The rod also had more power than almost any of the graphite rod of its length.  Plus the rod has a TON of Steelhead juju.  Hooked 2 fish in the first 10 min. of casting.  Here is a photo for proof.

first fish never bad for a new rod

The rods are rare but you can find then now and then,  I highly advise that if you get a chance to cast one do.  This rod has taught me more about rod actions and power application.  the line I have been using on it was a 60′ Carron jetstream.

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  1. graham Peters
    graham Peters says:

    Know nothing about rods, but I have a vibration rod / 4 piece which was left to my father still in its cloth bag with the label Grants of Aberdeen / “suppliers to the prince consort”

  2. Willie Ostiadal
    Willie Ostiadal says:

    Hello Travis,
    I live in southern Germany in front of the Alpes. Fish big lakes and be interested in that Vibration Rod.
    Find your words from 2010 on the net.
    Are you still fishing this Grant rod and how are you doing.
    CADNO in Wales makes a silk line for that rod !!



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